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I am Carissa Fernandez, a passionate Yoga and Pilates instructor dedicated to sharing the transformative power of movement. My goal every time I meet a new client is to help them move and feel better. I specialize in working with clients during injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal, with neurological conditions, and those looking to increase their athletic performance. I take pride in helping my client’s stand taller, improve their range of motion, and gain strength in their bodies.

Breathe. Move. Live.

What I Offer

I specialize in providing expert instruction and teaching for both Yoga and Pilates classes. My focus is on guiding individuals to discover the transformative power of body movement, allowing them to embark on a fulfilling self-care journey.
  • One-on-one Yoga
  • Group Yoga
  • Group Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • One-on-one Pilates
  • Group Mat Pilates
  • Group Pilates Reformer Classes